At Cleish and Fossoway Churches we support CrossReach which is a part of the Social care services of the Church of Scotland
About CrossReach
At CrossReach we offer loving care to people of all ages who are in need of a helping hand, supporting them to live life to the full whatever their circumstances.
We have been at the forefront of high quality social care for 150 years. During that time we have worked hard to understand the needs of the people who turn to us for help and with them have been at the forefront of pioneering services which have literally changed thousands of lives for the better.
Today we are one of the largest care providers in Scotland, with experience across a broad range of services. We are still growing, learning and improving, thanks to the incredible people we have the privilege to support, and all those who support us.
Our Christian Ethos
We aim to show the practical side of our Christian faith by reflecting Christian love to those we support, through our leadership, management and working relationships.
The Church of Scotland’s Social Care Council
The Church’s Social Care Council is accountable for the work of CrossReach. Its remit is to provide social care services and specialist resources in Christ’s name to further the caring work of the Church to people in challenging circumstances. It also helps to identify areas of need and guides the Church in new approaches to relevant problems in society as well as responding on issues arising in the Council’s areas of concern.

CrossReach Information Sheet
A new Board for CrossReach
CrossReach has said thank you and farewell to the 25 members of the Social Care Council along with those from other Councils and Committees of the Church of Scotland who had traditionally had a seat at the table, many of them who had served for a good number of years and who have pledged to remain stalwart supporters of CrossReach.
The new Board met for the first time last month, led by Rev Thom Riddell as convener and Mrs Sarah Wood as Vice Convener, and were welcomed to their new roles. For the full list of board members visit: