Hello and Welcome

This is the website for Cleish Parish Church and Fossoway Parish Church. Although both churches are independent of one another they are linked and so share the services of a minister, work collaboratively and share resources wherever possible.

Our website is full of interesting information about who we are, where we are and what we are doing, we hope you enjoy looking through these pages and that you find the information you are looking for.


Due to recent changes, we have  reopened our churches.

 Our Sunday worship will continue through our Sunday ‘Zoom’ service at 10.30am on March 21, . at 12noon on March 28 Palm Sunday and April 4 Easter Sunday. Thereafter the joint Zoom service will start at 1100. More detail can be found on our Notices section.    Notices:https://cleishandfossowaychurches.org.uk/both-churches/church-notices/

Celebration of Holy Communion will take place by ‘Zoom’ on the lst Thursday in the month.  We continue to keep in touch through our email network, phone, letter and website.


If you would like to join us for our Zoom services, or if you would like a chat or would like to be added to our email network, please phone the Rev Lis Stenhouse 01577 842128.

Cleish Parish Church

Cleish KY13 0LR
Sunday Morning Worship 11.15am

Fossoway Parish Church

Church Road
Crook of Devon
KY13 0UY
Sunday Morning Worship 9.45am

Our usual pattern of worship and church life has unavoidably been changed due the current pandemic restrictions. Whilst our church buildings have been closed the life and work of our churches very much continues through, email, phone, text, and ‘Zoom’ worship on Sunday mornings.

Minister: The Rev Lis Stenhouse

As parish minister for both churches, it is my great pleasure, on behalf of the elders and members of both churches to extend to you an invitation to join us.

Both of our congregations are a lively mix of people from diverse backgrounds with many interests and different abilities.

Although we have many similarities and common areas each of our churches has its own distinctive character and style and we are sure you will find a place that is comfortable for you.
We are committed to supporting our different communities in practical ways and spiritual ways. We seek to follow the way of Jesus Christ, to do his work and to bear his message in all we do. We welcome all to our Church family.

Cleish Parish Church of Scotland and  Fossoway St Serfs and Devonside Parish Church of Scotland. 

April 2021

We are very pleased to announce that our church buildings will be reopening on March 28th 2021, dependent on any subsequent alterations in guidelines the government may make in the meantime. Any changes to our plans we be announced on our new joint church website https://cleishandfossowaychurches.org.uk


April 18th 2021

9.45am Fossoway Church a Time for Prayer

9.45am Cleish Church a Time for Prayer

11am – joint churches morning worship by ‘Zoom’

April 25th 2021

9.45am Fossoway Church morning worship

9.45am Cleish Church a Time for Prayer

11am – joint churches morning worship by ‘Zoom’

29th April

7pm Celebration of Holy Communion by ‘Zoom‘

 May 2nd 2021

9.45am Cleish Church morning worship

9.45am Fossoway Church a Time for Prayer

11am – joint churches morning worship by ‘Zoom’

If you would like to join with us for any of the above Zoom services: please phone the Rev Lis Stenhouse 01577 842128.

To book your seat for Fossoway Church please phone Janet Harper 01577 840225

or for Cleish Church please phone Margaret McMillan 01506 825641

Our Church Family

You do not have to be a member to come to either of our church buildings. Our churches are open to all people and we invite you to join us at any of our services or meetings.

If, after due consideration and prayer, you feel you would like to consider committing yourself to following Jesus Christ and taking an active role in church life then please speak to the minister about the possibility of becoming a member of the church.

If you are a member of another church it is still possible to join our church or arrange for your membership to be transferred.

You may want to remain a member of another church but choose to be a part of our church family and life and so can become an adherent of our church.